30 January - 1 February, 2017


Are you struggling with manual data entry? Don’t know how to process all your data in a fast and reproducible manner? Had enough of propriety software? Need to know how to typeset you thesis asap?
Then come along to the 2017 Research Bazaar!

We are pleased to announce that the second Perth Research Bazaar will be hosted at Curtin University in the last week of January.

The Perth Research Bazaar (or ResBaz for short) will bring together researchers (at any stage) from all 5 WA universities giving them the opportunity to build skills and engage in community building. We have a full program planned with key stories, programming training, including many exciting electives and networking events at our Knowledge Bazaar.

Come along

We currently have a wait list while successful applicants have been given the opportunity to register for ResBaz. However, we asked them to register by Friday 21 January 2017 and we will start to offer any remaining places to applicants on our wait list thereafter. So please do still put in your application so we know that you are interested in coming along! This will also ensure you are on our mailing list and get information on future events.

Places are limited, demand is high and we want to make sure everybody has a fair chance of participating in this unique event.

For this reason we ask you to fill in an application and tell us a little more about yourself and what you’d like to get out of the event. This is your chance to influence the program by telling us what you want to learn about! We’re also asking every applicant to design a poster telling us a little about yourself and the tools you use for your research. The posters will be shown during the event and you might be surprised by the various disciplines that use the same tools as you.

The registration will be $50 and cover all the classes, refreshments and lunch.

Fill in the application form!

Stream workshops
These are run in parallel and are comprised of multiple classes. You will be able to choose your stream upon registration. The streams are:
  • Software Carpentry (Python)
  • Software Carpentry (R)
  • Data Carpentry
Software Carpentry teaches introductory research computing skills, including programming in either Python or R, how to use the command line and version control using git and github.
Data Carpentry teaches specific tools to work with data such as SQL and Data Analysis and Visualization in Python using pandas. If you're not sure what to choose, we recommend one of the Software Carpentry streams.

Elective classes
These are independent classes (workshops, demos or group discussions). You will decide on the day what elective classes to attend, look out for what's on offers on the board in the morning. Confirmed electives include:
  • Making a career leap
  • Your thesis in 3 minutes
  • Machine learning: from Zero to Hero
  • Interactive web apps with R Shiny
  • NVivo (for windows)
  • Writing a reproducible paper
  • Data Science at the command line
  • An intro to design thinking (Curtin Makers)

Social activities and networking events
Community engagement is at the core of Research Bazaar! Make sure you come along to as many as possible to build a continuing support network for life after ResBaz. You can look forward to:
  • Morning warm ups (meditation sessions confirmed)
  • Coffee at the bazaar, including talks and demos and your chance to be part of a podcast
  • Outdoor games, e.g., Giant Jenga and Connect 4
  • Key stories
  • Movie night - we'll be screening the PhD movie 2
  • Your posters displayed
  • A choice of food trucks for lunch

Closing round table
  • Andrea Bedini (Curtin)
  • Kate Wright (UWA)
  • Jens Klump (CSIRO)
  • Michelle Sandford (Microsoft)
  • Elsa Jordaan (Woodside)
  • Kay O'Halloran (Curtin)


Our Sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors for helping to bring the Research Bazaar to Perth.

Our Supporters

Our supporters are contributing valuable human resources to the organisation of the event. Many thanks to them too.