Palmerston North
8 February - 10 February, 2017


On the 8th – 10th February 2017 Massey University, Manawatu will host its inaugural ResBaz event, under and overarching theme of Research Workflow. The Research Bazaar is a growing international conference promoting the digital literacy emerging at the centre of modern research.

An interesting aspect of ResBaz is the emphasis on community and Open Access; they are not institutional specific, but region wide. On the 8th – 10th February 2017, events will be held at a number of university campuses around the globe. The aim of these events is to equip researchers from all career stages with the digital skills and tools required to do their research better, faster and smarter.

A unique blend of academic and social life, ResBaz is an event unlike traditional academic conferences. One of the key aspects of ResBaz is the use of training and training packages developed by Software and Data Carpentry. Software Carpentry is a global volunteer organisation that has led the way in researcher-led training. Their lessons on scientific computing (e.g. unix shell, Python, MATLAB, R, git/GitHub) are Open Source and a perfect fit for a ResBaz conference.

Join us! Please see below for registration!


What we are planning to do!

Below is a draft schedule, of the events occurring each day. The actual scheduling of each of these will be flexible and will be confirmed closer to the event at which point anyone that has registered will be advised. There are plenty of options in the Unconference topics section below, but if there are any other burning questions you have, topics you would like covered, let us know the ResBaz event is not limited to only these, the decisions are with you.

Unconference sessions

These are the sessions are selected by the voting participants. Below are a number of sessions that the organising committee has thought may be of interest to the participants, but if there are other ones that you would like included please let us know and we can add them.


Research Data Management

Open Access and Creative Commons

HPC at Massey University


Social media for researchers

Copyright in research

One of the outcomes of the unconference sessions was a need for a study group at Massey University. See here fore more details.


The plenary sessions will be taking place in MUSA longue. The Software Carpentry sessions will be in the training rooms.

Come along

Research Bazaar is a free event, subsidised by Research and Enterprise & ITS, at Massey University and it is expected that those who apply will be able to participate during all 3 days. Space is limited in Software Carpentry sessions, so registrations for each of these is necessary. However, any of the other aspects of the ResBaz event are open to whoever is interested in attending, but it is requested that you complete the expression of interest for catering purposes, we would not like anyone to miss out on their muffin!

Please register for the main Research Bazaar here.

If you want to attend the Software Carpentry workshop sessions, you must register for these sessions too (it is a separate registation).

Meet Our Speakers

Rochelle Stewart-Allen

Rochelle is the Senior Advisor at the Open Government Information and Data Programme. With a passion for transparency, accountability and justice, Rochelle has long been a firm believer in open government and open educat ion. Rochelle’s focus is on driving active engagement between government, business, civil society and academia. Describing herself as an Intrapreneur, Rochelle works to wrangle change from inside existing systems. Rochelle’s recent work with Victoria University’s Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research, and New Zealand’s Open Government Inform ation and Data Programme, has driven Rochelle’s passion to see equality and access to the digital economy freely available to all. As an Arts graduate, Rochelle spent her former years teaching tertiary art. She then moved into roles providing strategic and business advice across the corporate, government and NGO sectors, and completed post-graduate study in Strategic Studies. Rochelle also ran her own charity, Daya Trust, which empowered women and girls through education, and was Co-Founder of Wellington start-up, the Arabic Digital Reform Institute.

Dave Wheeler

Dr Dave Wheeler of Massey University is particularly interested in using next generation sequencing technologies, bioinformatics, and molecular biology to study genes and genomes in non-model but ecologically relevant organisms. Currently his main research organism is a small cosmopolitan parasitoid wasp called Nasonia vitripennis. He is using Nasonia to investigate a range of molecular and evolutionary questions, especially those relating to RNAi mechanisms and host parasite interactions. Nasonia also parasitises the pupae of a wide range of filth flies making it an important biological control agent for human and livestock pest species.

Our Sponsors

Many thanks to our sponsors for helping to bring the Research Bazaar to Palmerston North.